Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Events

Murder Mystery Night - This is an event that we have done every year. The object of this event is for attendees to solve a mystery while costumed characters give subtle hints… or dead giveaways. The first four years, we did the event with another UCF student organization, but we split off because of creative differences. In 2010, we had the biggest and best Murder Mystery Night with around 150 guests, a wedding cake, and fun had by all. We even had an article on the front page of the . We plan to make next year even better.

Halloween Party – This is a slightly newer tradition of ours that started in 2009. This year, we had a costume contest and watched a Japanese horror movie.

  • Costume Contest – This was part of our Halloween party. The winner of this contest got a ticket to Megacon, a certificate, and other various prizes.

AMV Contest – This is another tradition that started in 2009. Members of Anime Spot make AMVs to show the club, and the officers judge them. The winner of this contest received a certificate for winning, a ticket to Megacon, and other prizes.

Videogame Night with LANKnights and Nerd Club – This started the same year as the previous two events, and fun was had by all, from those playing Dance Central and Taiko Drum Master to those who were just in it for the tournaments. GameStop helped us out at this event and plans to continue sponsoring us with prizes and by lending us systems and games for events. We did this event in the fall and spring semesters.

Whose Line is it Anime – This is an improv event based on the popular show Whose Line is it Anyway. We also did this event for the second year, this time with the help of Sheli, a teacher who gives improv classes on campus. We took this event to Megacon and totally rocked it! We plan on doing this at other conventions in the future, if they’ll let us.

Conventions - Many of us tend to attend local conventions and convention-like events such as Orlando Anime Day and Megacon every year. This year, we met up at Orlando Anime Day in smaller groups, and a few of us ended up hanging out after the event. With the help of our student government, a big chunk of our club went to Megacon, helping out with the convention and sharing the experience.

Costume Workshop: Now with More Workshop - Our adviser Kyla allowed us to use the costume lab that she manages for the university. This time around, she gave a basic sewing machine lesson, handouts about hand sewing, and advice to anyone who asked. We all helped each other out with the costumes and projects we were working on. We will be having another costume workshop at the beginning of March.

Cosplay Picnic (Costumes Not Required) - Some of us went to Jay Blanchard Park, a few of us in costume, to have a picnic! We ended up chasing each other around with Nerf guns, but that’s beside the point. Many pictures were taken, both individual pictures of cosplayers and group pictures during the Nerf war. We plan to do similar events in the future with more actual events planned.

Megacon 2011 – Megacon is one of the largest conventions in Florida, and, partially thanks to our Student Government Association, many of us were able to attend this year! It was an amazing experience and a first for us as a club. We ran some panels like DRRR!! the Panel and Whose Line is it Anime. DRRR!! the Panel was informative and fun for those in attendance. Whose Line is it Anime contained a room and a half full of people who laughed throughout the show! We also did Super Anime Trivia, Anime Debate Tournament and Running and Anime Club the Right way with .

End-of-Year Party- We returned to Brooklyn Pizza one last time before going our separate ways for summer break. This was to celebrate the year we had, and boy, did we celebrate. We started the night with Super Happy Fun Anime Trivia, picking from old school and new school, then naming those tunes. We then went on to our first ever Knightroko Quickdraw Contest. First, the artists drew our lovely mascot in their own style. Then, they showed us their best interpretations of Knightroko as a schoolgirl. During YouTube Karaoke, most of the songs chosen were Disney songs, with some Linkin Park and Vocaloid in-between. And, of course, as the finale to karaoke and the finale to the night, we sang “Party Party Join Us Join Us.”

Light Up UCF, Late Knights, and other events are events our members tend to go to, and sometimes we go together in groups. We also go to restaurants like Kyoto Sushi and Grill and Brooklyn Pizza. We go to Steak and Shake once in awhile, as well. Other clubs such as Propeller Anime Club often invite us to their events, and we like to return the favor.

All of our pictures are uploaded on our . If you want to know more about any of the events we have done in the past, just ask us on the contact page of this site or message one of us on facebook.

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