If you all remember Knightrokon 2012, we had a huge successful first year convention. We took over the entire student union March 3, 2012 to provide a great, cheap, one-day convention with all the happenings of a weekends con for attendees. We had two voice acting guests, Wendee Lee and Kyle Hebert, come and sign autographs and preform panels for guests. We also had a Vendor’s room, complete with an Artist Alley, and a Video Game room, hosted by Gamestop and complete with game tournaments. We also had main events such as the Cosplay Contest, AMV Contest, Whose Line is it Anime, Murder Mystery Host Club, Peko Peko Maid Cafe, and more! And lastly we had panels hosted by the community, you guys!


Knightrokon Mission Statement

To provide a fun convention atmosphere for UCF students and the convention community alike by running quality anime-themed events and bringing everyone together, from vendors and artists to panelists and fans who just want to have fun.



We are currently still in the planning processes, but this year we plan on being BIGGER and BETTER. First off, we’ve expanded to two days instead of one: June 1-2, 2013. Second, we hope to DOUBLE our guest role! Third, we’ve moved the Vendor’s Room from the medium sized room on the 2nd floor of the Student Union to the gigantic room on the 1st floor, tripling the size of the Vendor and Artist Alley locations.

More definite information will be released later on in the year. Until then, here are some forms if you’re interested in becoming an Artist, Vendor, Panelist or Contestant.

Pre-registration will open later on this year.


  • Interested in Volunteering for Knightrokon 2013?


In the mean time, Like Knightrokon on facebook!

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