Murder Mystery Night

This page is dedicated to Anime Spot’s most popular event, , which will be taking place on October 29th at 7 pm in the Cape Florida Ballroom this year.

We have been doing this event for a long time, but it really took off last year, the first year we did it on our own. We took the Key West Ballroom by storm with about 150 people in attendance, and we put on quite a show for every one of them.

In our interactive show, the characters and audience spent the night solving the mystery of who was killing off the wedding party.The theme was a wedding reception, and we had a real wedding cake for Sailor Moon and Wolfwood. A few pictures from last year’s Murder Mystery Night can be found on our past events page, but a ton can be found on our page.

Some of us have been planning for this year since the end of last Murder Mystery Night, and we are working hard to bring you another amazing show.

This year,  the theme will be a fraternity party, taking from the satirical view in movies and a little bit from real life. Lambda Omicron Lambda will be hosting the party this year and inviting all of you!

For those of you who are cast or crew members, there will be mandatory rehearsals at the following times:

  • Saturday, September 17, 2-4, Ferrell Commons Auditorium
  • Saturday, September 24, 2-4, Brooklyn Pizza
  • Saturday, October 8, 2-4, Location TBA
  • Thursday, October 13, 4-6, room 224, Student Union
  • Thursday, October 27, 6-8, room 223, Student Union

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