About Us

Anime Spot is the anime club at the University of Central Florida.

We have been around since 2006, when the student organization was registered by Austin Otocki.

We are a highly active club in the Central Florida area with around one hundred active members. Anyone is welcome to come by our events and meetings, but only UCF students can become official members. We make a point to have a wide variety of events and show a wide variety of anime.

We hold events such as Murder Mystery Night, Whose Line is it Anime, hangouts on campus almost every month and weekly viewing meetings. We hold Videogame Nights with and the GameStop on campus, along with some help from our friends at . We have held a few events with , but it’s mostly us trolling each other’s events. We also hold AMV, costume, drawing and trivia contests.

In fall 2010, we ran a record-breaking Murder Mystery Night with over 200 in attendance, filling the Key West Ballroom with wedding cake in our most anime-based interactive event we had done all year. We have big plans for the next Murder Mystery Night, too, so look out for information about it.

Along with running events, we are active in the UCF and anime convention communities. Many members of our club are members of other clubs at UCF and in Orlando. During the fall 2010-spring 2011 school year, we petitioned for a Special Topics anime class to be added as an official class at UCF, and it is now being offered for the Summer B semester.

At MegaCon 2011, we ran multiple panels, such as Whose Line is it Anime and Durarara!! the Panel, and spread the word about our club to anyone who would listen. There were more than 50 of us at the convention, and it was an overall rewarding experience for all who attended. Whose Line is it Anime was a major success that we are hoping to build off of in the future. We also ran Whose Line is it Anime at Anime Festival Orlando with great success and are planning to run it yet again during later this year!

We have finally decided to run our own convention. We are calling it , and we have reserved the student union for March 3, 2012 to have the event. We are excited to provide a fun convention atmosphere for UCF students and the convention community alike by running quality anime-themed events and bringing everyone together, from vendors and artists to panelists and fans who just want to have fun.

But don’t think we’re stopping there! As the club grows, so do our plans.


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