Anime Spot goes to Senate for KNIGHTROKON and End of the Semester PARTY!

HELLO Anime Spot!

It looks like it’s that time of the year again, time for the holidays to start and the semester to be OVER! We all know the sleepless feeling of the dreaded finals week, so to give everyone a breather in between studying for their Master’s degrees, let’s PARTY!

So come on down to Anime Spot’s and have some fun with your fellow members as we watch some anime, play some games, raffle some cool prizes, and just have a good time in general. The anime this weekend is the fourth episode of Gundam Unicorn! This party will take place at the same time as our usual meetings, so this Friday, December 2nd in the Student Union, Key West 218 AB from 7:30pm-11:30pm.

Also if you’d like to bring some board games or some snack/drinks let us know in the comments of the so people don’t bring the same thing.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Everyone’s heard of by now, right? Well if you haven’t, get off your bums and go check out the website of UCF’s very own Anime Convention! Hosted by your’s truly, Anime Spot. And because we are hosting such a momentous event right here at the very school, such things as bills and Senate meetings need to take place.

Who remembers the meeting from last year where over 50 Anime Spot members showed up at the Senate meeting so Anime Spot could get several free Megacon tickets? This event is similar. In order to make have all the awesome stuff we’re planning on, we are going to need as many of you members as possible to come out and support us in this

It goes like this: the more Anime Spot members show up to this that’s going to be talking about ‘s bill, the more the Senate will realize how supportive you guys are and how much an Anime Convention here at UCF is needed! Also, the more people who show up in their Anime Spot t-shirts, the even more support we show! If you don’t have an Anime Spot t-shirt, then just dress nice. Knightrokon is for all of you and for the entire anime community, so we need to make it amazing. All you have to do is show up to show your support!

The actual meeting will be this Thursday, Dec 1st at 7pm. If you could be there a little bit beforehand to meet with us so we can discuss protocol and such, that would be great. (So shoot for showing up around 6:30pm) The Senate meeting will take place in the Key West Ballroom.



I hope to see tons of awesome Anime Spot members showing their support at the Senate Meeting, and everyone else partying the next day! :]

-Ashley Rudolph
PR Officer

~ by animespotucf on December 1, 2011.

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