Whose Line event and Saturday Viewing Night

Hey Anime Spot, this week our meeting will be moved to Saturday, because on Friday we’ll be busy with our awesome Joining us on stage will be the Anime Spot members Melissa Lynn, Jordan Santacruz, Chris Heath and Calvin Lee! Be sure to come on down to the Geekgasm this Friday to support your fellow members and partake in awesome comedy!

Anime Spot’s Whose Line event will be part of the Night at a Comic Shop! Details on times locations and directions can be found on the Facebook pages or in the previous post.

As previously stated, the usual Friday meeting will be moved to from 7:30pm-11:3pm in the Key West Ballroom. Same time, same place- different day! This week we’re going to have our themed viewing night for the month of November. We will be watching some awesome Live Action shows and movies. We will start the night with some good looking young men as we watch the first episode of the Ouran High School Host club live action, then we will move onto some Sentai with the action packed first episode of Gokaiger. If there is time we may watch some Sailor Moon Live Action or Kamen Rider.

Our feature for the night will be the Nana live action movie. Telling the story of two girls who meet by coincidence and share the same name as they travel Tokyo and experience the hardships of chasing their dreams.

See everyone at the meeting and the GEEKGASM!

-Ashley Rudolph
Anime Spot PR Officer

~ by animespotucf on November 10, 2011.

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