A Murder Mystery Night success and awesome upcoming events!

Hey Anime Spot! This past Saturday we held our celebrated 5th Annual Murder Mystery Night featuring the Lambda Omicron Lambda Fraternity! The night was a great success, except for the murders of course. Shame on Kamina for not being manly at all. Rest in peace, Miroku and Fujiko.

The night featured music, mingling, pachinko, punch, and donuts. We’d like to give a big thank you to Jason Bailey for providing the very entertaining pachinko machine, and a shout out to Wack-a-doo’s for providing the donuts and refreshments! Congratulations to those great detectives who all received a prize for figuring out who the murderer was! Be sure to come to next year’s Murder Mystery Night, which is bound to be even more epic!

Also the upcoming , an anime convention held here at the center of UCF and hosted by yours truly, Anime Spot, will be hosting its own Murder Mystery Night. That night is rumored to feature a certain host club from a certain Ouran High School. Be sure to make room in your calendars for 2012, Saturday March 3rd!

We have a busy couple of weeks planned, with Anime viewing nights, AMVs, Whose Line is it Anime, and events all over town!

Be sure to make it out to on November 4th at 7:30pm in the Key West Ballroom 218 AB of the UCF Student Union. We will be watching Porco Rosso the second half of this meeting, and holding auditions for the infamous “Whose Line is it Anime?” the first half.

Are you a witty Anime fan? Do you always have some funny nerdy comeback to say to almost everything? Are you one of those people who is always shouting memes at the Anime Spot meetings? Then you need to come check out Anime Spot’s WHOSE LINE IS IT ANIME? This is a special interactive and improv event that’s based off the hit show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” but with Anime references and jokes. It’s that time of year again. If you’re interested in participating in this event, or even just watching hilarious Anime-styled improv with your friendly nerds, then check out this Friday’s meeting as well as the main on Semoran boulevard and University. This event will be part of the super event held at A Comic Shop on Friday, November 11th! Following Whose Line will be Propeller Anime with their Iron Cardboard Robot Cosplay! And the night will end with Cosplay Deviants Hentai Cafe. (Ages 18+)

This is how it’s going down: This Friday everyone interested in auditioning will be given a number and then asked to partake in a few games to help our judges decide on who we want to be our actors for the main show. The auditions will take up the first half of the meeting. This is always a fun time to let loose and let the jokes fly, so don’t be shy and give it a try. Even if you are not chosen as a performer there will be games that the audience can participate in!

Enjoy creating Anime Music Videos? Well our AMV contest is coming up fast! If you are interested in submitting your own AMV for our AMV contest, the deadline is this upcoming meeting, Friday November 4th.

Also during our meeting this Friday, we will be discussing carpooling for the Whose Line show November 11th and the which is coming up this Sunday, November 6th. If are able to drive others to the event please post in the comments of the respective event how many people you can take.

Traditional Japanese food, performances, music, dance, art, cosplay, Taiko drummers and more! This Sunday only from 11:00-7:00pm! It’s time for the yearly Orlando Japan Festival. Their mission is to celebrate the 156th year of Japan-USA friendship, as well as continue the cultural interchange with the local community. If you enjoy the rich culture behind all the Japanese Anime, then come out and enjoy a day full of history and life behind the island nation of Japan.


Hope to see you guys at all these awesome events!

-Ashley Rudolph
Anime Spot PR Officer

~ by animespotucf on November 4, 2011.

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