Outside Adventure Day recap


This past weekend, we had another awesome viewing night ending in Captain Harlock: Arcadia of My Youth. Now, everyone will be slightly less confused by the antics of the characters at Murder Mystery Night!

We also did something a bit unusual, though this is our second time this semester: We all went outside! Outside Adventure Day was an amazing success. We ate food that more than three people contributed, got free food from the other groups that were there and generally had a great time.

Most of our members canoed, pedal-boated or kayaked and some were even brave enough to do the single-person standing board thing (We’re still not sure what it’s called).  Only half of those brave enough met success along the way.

All of the pictures from the day are on facebook, but the above pictures will give you a glance of what happened. When the semester’s over, we will make a gallery of all the highlights of the semester.

The general consensus was that we have to do this again sometime, so maybe we will.

- Diana Galvin

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