New Anime, and more Dates on the Calendar!

Last week’s meeting left some people full of nostalgia and some people full of confusion with shows like Fighting Foodons and Medabots and our feature, Diaboromon Strikes Back. Our first themed viewing night was a success, so we will definitely be having more of those in the future. Some game with “ninja” in the title was played during the break and after we were done showing anime. Overall, it was a fun time, as was the trip to some restaurant that’s not Steak n Shake.

The rain moved aside for most of the weekend so we could enjoy our Back-to-School Pool Party. We all had fun playing volleyball badly and celebrating the day before Labor Day with grilled food and many varieties of chips. On top of that, only a few of us got sunburned, unlike our last pool party where only a few of us managed not to. Hopefully we will have the same luck with the next event we have outside.

This week’s meeting, which will be taking place 7:30 p.m. Friday in room 218AB of the student union, will feature new anime such as Mawaru Penguindrum and Tiger and Bunny. The feature of the night will be You are Umasou.

We have some dates to announce, so you better be there! …or just look at the events page on the website you are already viewing this weekend when all the dates are posted. Either way, we have some fun events coming up, and we’re excited to announce the dates and locations.

- Diana Galvin

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