Monster battles and pool parties this weekend!

The fall semester is off to a great start for Anime Spot!

Our first meeting was last Friday. There were many new faces and some familiar ones, as well. After announcing all the exciting events taking place this year and having everyone present introduce themselves, we watched Arietty the Borrower, the new studio Ghibli film.

In the movie, a girl from a family of tiny people called Borrowers finds that her life is starting to be affected the world of the humans, who she and her family call “human beans.” The human who she interacts with most is a boy with a heart condition. He spends much of his time dealing with the thought of his death while she spends her time worrying about her species’ death.

At most of our meetings, we watch anime episodes, as well, but this time there was much to announce, and we ended up taking a longer break than we anticipated. All of the events we have dates for are on the schedule page, and the ones we don’t, they will appear as soon as we have confirmed dates. For those who need to be there, the Murder Mystery Night rehearsal schedule is posted on the Murder Mystery Night page.

This Friday, also in Key West 218AB at 7:30 p.m., we will be holding a monster battles-themed anime viewing night. We will show episodes of anime such as Digimon and Monster Rancher, and we are still deciding on our feature. Memberships and tshirts will still be available, and each one is $10.

We are also having a pool party at the Leisure Pool at the Rec and Wellness Center on Sunday from 1 p.m.-4p.m. We will be bringing food of our own, but we would appreciate any contributions. If anyone has beach balls, floaty things or anything of the like, those would also be very much appreciated.

We are planning on making the invite for Video Game Night 3 soon, so we need to hammer out some details, namely, what tournaments to have. We are planning a ton of events for this, including a videogame decathalon, so we will only be hosting a few single-game tournaments this time around.

For those of you who will be around, we hope to see you this weekend!

- Diana Galvin

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