Post-AFO Post

Anime Festival Orlando 12 was the perfect way to end the summer.

A few Anime Spot members created a Neo-Orlandia guild and got a ton of zeni only to lose most of it to some guilds who were playing dirty. To think, our guild could have taken advantage of the fact that one of our own was a tavern character. Clearly, the game was rigged so the Order would not win.

Whose Line is it Anime at AFO was the best one we have hosted so far. Everyone who auditioned was wonderful, and choosing who would go on to do the show was the hardest part. Like at Megacon, we had a room and a half full of people, but we were also in a room twice the size. At one point, we actually had to turn people away because there were too many people in the room. People were laughing almost straight through the show, and we almost stayed PG-13. Making it better next year will be a challenge, but we will certainly try!

Our president, Roberto Ramos, won Best of Show in the AMV contest.

Below are some of the pictures from the convention.

- Diana Galvin

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