This Sunday – Anime Viewing, Metrocon, Father’s Day

We will be having a meeting this week on Sunday at 5pm-8pm in room 222 of the Student Union. Half of your officers will be at Metrocon, but the other half are staying in Orlando to run this meeting.

The shows for the night will be the last two episodes of FlCl, episode 2 of Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Bloodtrail and Gunsmith Cats.

If you’re not out celebrating the holiday or feeling the bittersweet end of the convention, you should come out for this action-packed meeting.

Last week at Anime Spot, we announced ! It will be a one-day convention run by Anime Spot that will be free for UCF students and take over the entire Student Union on March 3, 2012. Mark your calendars, because we’re making this event something to write home about!

Also, we watched some great anime! We watched the last two episodes of Time of Eve, where we finally found out what was bugging Masakazu and learned what it means to be human. We watched the middle of FlCl, where we generally got more confused about where the plot was going as Takkun started playing baseball and Ninamori started sleeping over. We also watched the first episode of Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Bloodtrail.

- Diana Galvin

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