Great Anime, Murder Mysteries and More News to Come

We are meeting this coming Sunday at 5 p.m. in room 222 of the Student Union. We’ll be watching more FlCl, more Time of Eve, and, barring technical difficulties, Black Lagoon.

So far in FlCl, we have become acquainted with Naota and his brother’s ex-girlfriend, Mamimi. While talking to Mamimi on a bridge, he is struck by an alien girl on a yellow Vespa carrying a blue bass guitar. His town is a place where “nothing ever happens” except the building of the suspicious Medical Machine factory. Naota’s father hires Haruko as a housekeeper at his bakery.

Mamimi starts seeing things like a black-winged angel from the pocket computer game she always seems to be playing. Haruko, cleverly disguised as a nurse, scans Naota’s head and reports that his brain is gone. The lumps in Naota’s head start growing rapidly and turning into robots.

So far in Time of Eve, our main characters Masakazu and Rikuo found a cafe in town where no one is allowed to discriminate between humans and androids. This is exactly the opposite of the world they live in, where every commercial on television, made by an ethics committee, discourages humans from treating androids as equals. Anyone who treats androids equally is called an android-holic, and being an android-holic is considered extremely offensive in this society.

Masakazu gradually gets used to treating humans and androids the same after meeting androids like Rina and Koji who act just like humans and finding his own android at the cafe. Rikuo has a little more trouble, especially when the two meet Katoran, an android who thinks he is human but looks like a clunky robot.

I would like to thank everyone who came to the first Murder Mystery Night planning meeting. We have a pretty solid character list that with some great characters in the mix.

There are a couple characters we still need actors for, so we’ll be sending out an email about that soon. We have enough writers for the story, but we will need help in other ways along the line.

We have some other exciting news to announce at this coming meeting, and we will be posting it on the website soon after we announce it. So, whether by coming to the meeting or looking at this page after 8 p.m. on Sunday, I would strongly encourage you to stay tuned.

- Diana Galvin

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